Bay Camera and Communications works with world-leading communications solutions provider, Avaya, to ensure our customers get the very best systems, tailored to their specific requirements.

Avaya’s unified communications solutions help companies increase employee productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs by integrating multiple forms of communications, including telephony, e-mail, instant messaging and video all across multivendor networks.

With Avaya unified communications, customers can communicate effectively regardless of location or device.

Avaya’s software and hardware are widely recognised as the most reliable, secure and comprehensive offerings in the industry.

Solutions include intelligent routing, self-service and proactive contact applications that drive effective communications and transactions with customers. In addition, Avaya’s analytics and reporting platform, Avaya IQ, provides companies with detailed customer information that improves profitability and customer retention.

Avaya’s Small and Medium Enterprise Communications unit is focused on enterprises with up to 250 employees. The company offers complete solutions that bring together telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, and customer management designed for the requirements of small and medium enterprises.