Another world-leading name in the telecommunications hardware field, Samsung products offer the reliability and flexibility we’re happy to recommend to Bay Camera and Communications clients.

Large, clear screens deliver relevant information direct to your handset giving you visibility and control of your communications.

The benefits of the latest techniques in digital speech processing and audio technology are all delivered over Internet Protocol (IP), the natural technology for best performance.

Samsung handsets deliver in all respects and if communications are clear, the message you want to deliver is also clear.

Samsung believes that your office phone deserves as much attention to design as items you would have in your home, such as a TV, MP3 player or a laptop.

Business ergonomics have been designed into the handset range to provide ease of use and functionality, allowing the intuitive use of the handset to increase accuracy and speed of operation, saving you time.

With personalisation options such as uploadable polyphonic ring tones, pictures and visual phone books, your handset becomes more than just a phone.

In today’s competitive business environment being properly ‘connected’ is more important than it’s ever been.

Having the right telephony systems to ensure you gather information efficiently and speak to people when it matters makes all the difference.

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