Access Control

There are various ways of providing secure, convenient and easily manageable control over who has access to your building and when.

Access control provides an increased level of security for your company’s assets as well as enhancing the safety of your staff and their property.

But you need it to be efficient, reliable and easy to operate to ensure it’s a benefit to your business – not a hindrance.

That’s where Bay Camera and Communications’ expert technicians come in, offering a full advice, design, installation and maintenance service for whichever system you decide best suits your premises.

Our bespoke access control solutions can include any of the range of cutting edge features you require, from simple code keys or swipe cards to integrated audio entry systems and automatic video recording for a permanent record of callers to your office.

We’ll take the time to get to understand how your specific premises functions and talk to you about how you want to monitor and organise access via doors, gates or barriers.

Then we’ll advise on the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to your particular requirements and work with you to put them into place, using high-quality products from trusted manufacturers.

Our fully-trained and experienced technicians have worked with all varieties of clients from individual shop-owners wanting a simple, single door keypad to large companies with multiple sites needing entry systems for numerous employees.

We can even incorporate technologies to identify staff as they log in and out of designated areas each day and integrate them into time-management and payroll software.

Bay Camera and Communications will provide full training for users and our services are all backed by excellent customer support and 24-hour responsive maintenance contracts as well as the ability to disable any access fobs that are lost or stolen.