Your company telephone system should be an integral, versatile and efficient resource that helps you communicate more effectively internally and with your customers.

How much business is lost through missed calls? How much time is wasted by wrongly directed calls? The simple answer is that you don’t know.

What you can be certain of is that by talking to the experts at Bay Camera and Communications you can have a bespoke system that’s perfect for you.

We’ve worked with all types and sizes of client from small enterprises with just a few offices to large companies requiring integrated networks linking multiple departments.

We work with specialist partners like world-leading business communications provider, Avaya, whose cutting-edge systems use the very latest technology to help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

We use only high-quality, reliable products from leading manufacturers like Avaya and Samsung, offering big business functionality with the ease of use that everyone requires.

We’ll show you how you can effortlessly manage, record and analyse call activity and even set up video conferencing session, all of which gives you and your staff an additional resource to help you work more effectively and increase productivity.